New social media scam targets animal lovers

Scammers are using a new type of scam that targets animal lovers. Scammers are making posts using pictures of injured animals and encouraging users to share the post so that the dog’s owner can be found. Scammers use this technique to identify people who may be vulnerable to other scam methods. Scammers are looking for people who like or share without checking to see if it’s true. Once someone shares the post, they may be at an increased risk of being a target for future scams.

Red flags to look out for:

  • Check to see if comments are turned off. Scammers typically turn comments off so people can’t call out their scam attempts.
  • Check out the poster. They almost always have no friends or followers and their profile was most likely recently created.
  • Poster does not mention specifically where the animal was found.
  • Graphic photos are often used to get more attention.
  • Scammer posts in community re-sale/garage sale groups instead of lost/found animal groups.

So, what should you do if you or someone you know finds a lost animal?

  • Take the animal to be scanned for a microchip at a shelter or veterinary clinic.
  • File a found report with your local animal control agency.
  • Post in social media lost/found animal groups with a picture of the animal and a location of where the animal was found.
  • Make flyers and post them around the area where the animal was found.

If you wish to report your lost pet, please visit, fill out a lost pet report, and email it along with a photo of your pet to [email protected].


            For more information on Ingham County Animal Control and Shelter (ICACS), or to report a lost or found animal, contact the shelter at 517-676-8370, visit the ICACS website at, or visit the shelter at 600 Buhl St. in Mason. ICACS is open Monday-Saturday 10:30 am – 5:00 pm and is closed on county-observed holidays.