Kennel Licensing

In accordance with state law and County ordinance, all kennels and boarding facilities operating within Ingham County must be licensed.

The following guidelines are used by Ingham County Animal Control Officers to determine if a kennel is qualified to receive an inspection certificate, which is required to be issued a kennel license by the Ingham County Treasurer.  These guidelines apply to all new applicants and those seeking renewal of existing licenses.

Kennel Licensing Requirements

Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development regulation 285.129.1, Michigan Compiled Law 287.270 and the Ingham County Animal Control Ordinance state that all kennels operating in Ingham County shall meet the following criteria:

A kennel is defined as an establishment wherein or whereon three (3) or more dogs are confined and kept for sale, boarding, breeding or training purposes for remuneration.   

A kennel shall be constructed as to prevent the public or stray dogs from obtaining entrance and gaining access to the dogs housed within the kennel.  All kennels shall be of such construction as will adequately and comfortably house any dogs kept therein at any season of the year.  The buildings, including walls and floors, shall be of such construction as to be readily cleaned.  Kennels and yards used to contain or keep dogs shall be kept clean and free from accumulation of filth, mud and debris.

All dogs kept or maintained in connection with such kennels shall be furnished with a clean and fresh water supply.  Adequate and proper food shall be available and given so that the dogs maintain a normal condition of health.

Kennel Licensing Process

  • A completed inspection application shall be mailed or emailed to Ingham County Animal Control.
  • An officer will perform an inspection at random, during the business hours of the kennel within two weeks of receiving application.
  • If the inspection is successful, the applicant will receive an inspection certificate immediately after the inspection.
  • The applicant must take the successful inspection certificate to the Ingham County Treasurer's Office within 30 days to receive a license.

Click here for a kennel license inspection.  If you are paying the inspection fee at the time of inspection, you may email the completed application to [email protected].  If you are paying the inspection fee at the time of application, you can drop the application off at the shelter or mail it with payment included.  

Kennel license fees 10 dogs or fewer

Inspection Fee: $155.00 - Due before inspection
License Fee: $10.00 - Payable after inspection
Total: $165.00
Kennel license fees over 10 dogs

Inspection Fee: $180.00 - Due before inspection
License Fee: $25.00 - Payable after inspection
Total: $205.00