Report Animal Cruelty or Neglect

How to Report an Incident

Call Us

You can report an incident of animal cruelty by calling (517) 676-8370 option 8.  You can also call the animal cruelty tip line at (517) 676-8376.

Email Us

email [email protected]

Report an Incident Online 

You can use the below form to report incidents directly to Ingham County Animal Control.  Please leave as many details as possible regarding the alleged incident.  Officers may attempt to contact you to get more details about the incident and request additional documentation (i.e. photos and video).

If you do not leave accurate contact information officers may not be able to investigate the alleged incident.  

Ingham County Animal Control does not have the authority to enforce barking dog complaints.  Please contact your local police department for noise issues concerning barking dogs.  

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