Report an Animal You Have Found

What do I do with an animal that I have found?

If you have found an animal, Michigan law requires that you must report it to your local animal control or police department.  You can do that using the form below.

You can keep the animal in your home, or if you are unable to keep the animal it can be taken to the shelter.  Please see this page for our hours and location.  

How can I find the animal owner?

Most stray animals are found in close proximity to their homes.  There are several tools that you can use to help locate the animal owner.  You can:

Scan the animal for a microchip.  Many animals are implanted with a microchip that contains information on their owner.  ICACS has purchased dozens of scanners and provided them to pet stores and police departments throughout Ingham County.  See this page for a list of microchip scanning locations.       

Post the animal to neighborhood social media groups

You can use this free tool from 24 Petwatch to create a lost animal flyer

Contact your neighbors to let them know you have found an animal

Post the cat or dog on Pawboost

If you are contacted by the pet owner, you can make arrangements to return a pet.  If you have any concerns or need assistance in this process, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.  

Report a found animal to ICACS

Using this online form you can report an animal that you have found directly to ICACS.  We will put the animal information on our website and attempt to reunite the animal with their home.  Your personal information will not be posted publicly. 

Thank you for helping the lost animals of Ingham County try to find their way home!

If you are unable to fill out this form, please call us at (517) 676-8370 option 3.

Found Animal Report Form

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