6-week-old kitten rescued from storm drain in Lansing

On June 29, 2022 Ingham County Animal Control (ICAC) received a call from a good Samaritan who discovered a kitten in a storm drain located at Michigan and Cedar in Lansing. ICAC responded to the call and teamed up with Lansing Public Works and Lansing Police Department to get the 6-week-old kitten to safety.

“We think the kitten had been down there for a couple of days based on the condition he’s in,” said Heidi Williams, director at ICAC. “He’s hypothermic and emaciated, but he’s currently receiving proper treatment at the shelter and is doing well.”

In order to retrieve the kitten from the storm drain, Lansing Police Department directed traffic and Lansing Public Works brought out their tuck to push water and air into the drain to get the kitten to an area he could be reached.

“We couldn’t have reached this kitten without the help of Lansing Public Works and Lansing Police Department,” said Williams. “It was a great team effort!”

The shelter has named the kitten “Jordan” after East Jordan Iron Works, manufacturer of the drain cover.