Wrinkle Butt

1winkyWrinke Butt came to the shelter a cold february afternoon. The women who found him said she had seen him on her prch trying to eat the cat food she leaves out. At first she wasn't even sure it was a dog. It was covered in scabs and its skin was so enflamd it could hardly walk, and he hardly had any hair. She did the right thing and brought him to the shelter, knowing he wouldnt survive the cold night in his condition. As soon as he walked through the door of the shelter, shelter staff rushed to try and make him more comfortable. Even though his mange made him stink to high heaven, we put together a bed for him in the office, gave him a coat, and let him rest where he knew he was safe. Office staff member Katlyn went home that night and the little guy was all she could think of. After "negotiating" with her husband, she traded 3 months of pooper scooping to be able to bring the new dog home to foster. When he arrived he could hardly even sit because his skin was so raw. He would just stand on a blanket and sway back and forth. It was so painful instead of laying on the floor he would look for any other mor comfortable spot to sit, even if that meant sitting and sleeping on top of one of the other dogs in the house. It took weeks before any light came to his eyes. Eventually he perked up and became a very clown like dog. He would do a "happy growl" every morning when he woke up or before his dinner time. He sounded like a small vaccuum. He sure ate like one. Eventually he was listed for adoption and his sad story cought the heart of one woman, here is her side of the story-

diego 2We adopted our beautiful boy in May 2011. I knew our little Pitty girl Luna needed a brother so I started looking on Petfinder in hopes to find her, and me and my children, a new family member. I’ve always had a passion for Pitbulls and I make it my mission to change people’s minds on what they’ve learned, or think they know about Pitbulls from the media. I came across a pup named “Hector” posted on Facebook, so I called the shelter and the little guy was in the process of being adopted. The girl on the other end of the phone had mentioned that they have another male Pit (they call Winkie) looking for a home, and I should contact his foster mom Katlyn. The following weekend my son, Luna, and I were driving from Dearborn Heights to Lansing to meet this gorgeous boy! We immediately fell in love with him, his short stature, his beautiful color, and those loving eyes! And after a little warming up him and Luna were buddies, I just knew they would be the perfect match. The following day after our visit I emailed Katlyn first thing in the morning and expressed how much we would love this sweet boy to be a part of our family and here we are today….one big happy family! I cannot imagine our lives without Diego. Every morning when we wake up I look forward to his little rumbling growl, it never gets old, or the little tug he gives you on the back of your pants. He gets a laugh out of us every time! He has brought nothing but happiness to me and my children and especially Luna! They are two peas in a pod and completely inseparable. I am so thankful for every single person who was involved in his recovery prior to us adopting him. It is my wish for more people to understand the loving nature and loyalty of a Pitbull. Again, many thanks to everyone involved in saving Diego’s life, as well as all the other animals that come your way. You are all truly angels!


Stacey Ortiz and Family