There's a Bat in My House

There's a Bat in My House - What Should I Do?

If a bat is present in your home and you or your pet had contact with it (or a person was sleeping in a room with the bat) use precautions to capture the bat safely, as described below.

What you will need:

    • leather work gloves (put them on)
    • small box or coffee can
    • piece of cardboard
    • tape

When the bat lands, approach it slowly, while wearing the gloves, and place the box or coffee can over it. Slide the cardboard under the container to trap the bat inside. Tape the cardboard to the container securely, and punch small holes in the cardboard, allowing the bat to breathe. If the bat is dead, put it carefully in a ziplock bag and put it on ice until it can be sent in for testing.

Contact us for advice regarding sending the bat for testing.

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