Dear Ingham County Animal Shelter,

My name is Sunshine. I am the black and tan coon hound who was in the ICAC foster program for a very long time.  Several weeks ago I found a home! My forever home!  I wanted to write to tell you thank you for caring for me for those many weeks, and many months!  Thank you for not giving up on me.  And thank you for getting up every day and doing all that you do to help others like me find their homes!

It’s kinda funny – I don’t think my new mom even knew she was looking for me.  But, on that fateful day, she had come up to “my” barn to work with her horse.  Merrick, the nice lady who had been caring for me, introduced us…and my new mom said something about “love at first sight”…people are funny like that.  If you ask me, it was more like love at first smell.  Anyways…next thing I know, my mom says, “Ok, let’s go home, Sunshine!

I love my new home and family!  I have a Mommy, Daddy and 3 kids.  They are all very kind, gentle and love to cuddle and go for walks.  I also have an Albert – the strangest dog I’ve ever met!  He is a bulldog – many years my junior but he can barely keep up with me.  Mom says I am good for him – he needs an exercise buddy!  My new home has a huge back yard with trees and lots of great smells.  I have my own bed, but sometimes I sleep with one of the kids instead (or Mom when Dad’s away!)

There is a lot of love in this house – and I am never alone for long.  But I think my Melissa (my Mom) and I both agree that the coolest part is being there for each other.  You see, as much as I was looking for a home, she was looking for something too.  At the end of a chaotic day, when she has taken care of everything and everyone else, she seems to genuinely appreciate my calm, soothing presence.  I take care of her too – and it’s really great to be needed and loved. 

Thanks again for giving me (such a long) chance!  I’ve found my forever home!