I would love to tell you all about Lyra!  So for starters, yes we changed her name.  I wanted something that sort of rhymed with Sierra – and decided on Lyra – which is after a star constellation, meaning twins.  I am a Gemini (twins) and I felt Lyra and I were connected. Little did I know she would become my husband’s second wife! She adjusted remarkably and soaked up every last bit of the overwhelming attention and love our family showed her.  She takes daily rides in the Suburban with my husband – and wants to go with him anytime he walks out the door! People are sometimes intimidated by her “looks” on our walks, but Lyra does not bark, pull, etc. when another dog walks by or when approached by an adult.  She loves playing catch, and when I “whine” is a pitched voice””she’s going crazy”””….she runs and runs and runs in circles.  Her first vet visit went just fine.  We have no concerns and couldn’t be happier that we adopted her.