shelia-11I would like to tell you our story with Sheila, she is a pit bull / pit bull mix. She was at the Family Farm & Home April 19, 2009 when we saw her. We just went in for a few items, and there she was, who knew she would be such a huge part of our family.

If she could talk, I'm sure she would tell you how happy she is.. she loves to cuddle in bed. Sheila rarely barks, only to show how happy she is to see us after we get home from work. She is wonderful on a leash, with small children (of course supervised) and follows commands perfectly. We could never have asked for a more perfect dog. She is a huge part of our family, we even have some friends who are jealous of what a wonderful dog we have. I know the Ingham County Animal Control rarely adopts out pitbulls, but I am glad you decided to give her a shot, she so deserved it!!!
Just wanted to share a happy adoption story with you.