Rewards of Adoption

dogandcatSaving the life of a homeless Ingham County Pet has it's rewards!

Pet Viewing

There are numerous benefits with providing a good home to a pet who needs it. An obvious benefit is the rewarding experience associated with saving an animal's life . This good act is returned several times over by the loving and devoted nature of the canine or feline family member who improves the lives of his/her guardians by providing companionship, loyalty and love - to name but three things. Other benefits of adopting a dog or cat in need of a good home include:

  • The cost of adopting a pet at an animal shelter is usually inexpensive compared to buying one from a breeder or pet store. Often animals adopted from shelters have already been neutered. Most of these animals have also been wormed and vaccinated.
  •  Adopting a companion animal from a shelter means you are helping, and not contributing to, the pet overpopulation problem.
  •  Adopting a mature dog or cat means that you do not have to go through the demanding stage of raising a puppy or kitten.
  •  With a mature pet you have a good idea of the animal's temperament and you know the animal's adult size, hair coat etc.
  •  Mature pets are often house-trained (although some mistakes will likely occur until the animal is used to his/her new family, home and routine) and may even have some basic training.
  •  Providing the animals get along, an adopted pet can be good company for other pets.
  •  Shelter animals have beautiful temperaments and want to please their new guardians.

Dispelling the Myths
Shelter Animals Have Behavioral Problems
Many people believe that pets in shelters are there because they have behavioral problems. The sad truth is that most of these animals are where they are due to their previous guardians' ignorance and indifference. Often, people who have acquired pets from shelters and pounds are pleasantly surprised at the fine companions they have adopted. Animals with serious and obvious behavioral problems are not put up for adoption. Remember, many excellent animals waiting to be adopted will exhibit minor behavioral problems. Some are scared while others are excited. This should not be held against them as they are in a stressful environment.

Shelter Animals Are Older & Not Trainable
While most of the pets in shelters and pounds are mature animals, there are also puppies and kittens available for adoption. The saying "You cannot teach an old dog new tricks" is false. Shelter animals respond well to good, effective and humane training techniques. When training your pet it is important to be consistent, patient and understanding. There are many excellent behaviorists in the Ingham County area that are committed to helping pet owners enhance their relationship.

Shelter Animals Are Inferior To Purebred Pets
Some people mistakenly believe that purebred pets are superior to animals of mixed breeding. Purebred dogs and cats are not smarter, healthier or more even tempered than canines and felines of mixed breeding. If you want a purebred pet you should visit your local animal shelter or pound or check on There was a time when purebred dogs were seldom found in these facilities. Unfortunately, due to mass breeding, purebred dogs are common and more are being surrendered to animal shelters and pounds.

There are few experiences in life more satisfying and rewarding as saving a companion animal's life and making him/her a valued member of the family. Pets being the wonderful creatures that they are enhance our lives tremendously and give us much more than we provide for them. Please consider taking the time to educate others as to the importance of giving homeless pets in our community a good home.

Pet Viewing:
If you would like to see some of the pets ready to go into new homes this week please visit the Pets in the Shelter page. Remember these are only some of the many pets available for placement. There are more arriving everyday.

We also have cats for viewing and adoption 7 days a week at:
510 Frandor Avenue
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You can also find us on PetFinder and 1-800-Save-a-Pet
The Lansing City Pulse also has shelter pets listed the second Wednesday of each month.

Other web sites with pets for sale in the Tri-County area and beyond: