pumpkin11We were experiencing some tough times in March and April with my father's illness, and I knew that pets can be good for the soul (our dog died in August), it was defintely nice having her there to hold on to when my father died unexpectedly April23!!  She's fun, she's protective, she's a snuggler, and to think she was outside and it was raining and we almost didn't see her, but the officer brought the dogs in and she look like a drowned rat and it wasn't love at first sight I admit, but that look in her eyes told me to just take her out of her cage and that was it, she came home with me within 30 minutes. 

She loves to go bye-bye, she loves my 3 year old grandson, but her heart belongs to mama.  She even won over my husband's heart, even though she chewed his hat and belt.  We're working on that, we keep chew toys everywhere and she's alot better.  I thank God for her every night, and I thank God you were there to bring her into my life. 



Lauri Hernandez