Post Adoption Support

Adoption Support

Thank you for adopting an animal from Ingham County Animal Control and Shelter.  Bringing a new pet home is an exciting time, but it is easy for new owners and new pets to become overwhelmed.  Below is a list of materials and links that may provide useful information in helping your animal adjust to their new home.


Preventing separation anxiety in your dog

Bringing home a new baby, or introducing your new dog to children

How to crate train your new dog

Tips to housetrain your dog

Keeping your dog inside your fence


Introducing your new dog to your cat

Introducing a kitten to adult cats

Litter box basics


Fireworks and animals - Courtesy of RSPCA

3 rule

During your pets time at Ingham County Animal Control & Shelter, implemented a "Fear Free Sheltering" way of animal handling an management. We strongly encourage new pet owners to follow these same "Fear Free" methods when bringing their new pet home. Check out Fear Free Happy Homes for more details! If you are having continued issues with your new pet, and want some additional support, please contact the shelter behaviorist at