Poetry and Poster Contest

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1st Annual “My Pet Adds Joy to My Life” Children’s Poetry and Poster Contest

Sponsored by Ingham County Animal Control & Shelter

MASON,MI-Ingham County Animal Control & Shelter (ICAC) is looking for creative kids?  ICAC is accepting poems and posters for its 1st Annual “My Pet Adds Joy to My Life” Children’s Poetry and Poster Contest.  The poem contest is limited to students in third through eighth grades.  The Poster contest is open to children in preschool through second grade. Get that pen and paper out NOW!

Poem contestants are invited to write a unique poem about the joys and benefits of having pets in their life or someone else’s.  Poems and Posters can be submitted online at jmcaloon@ingham.org  or by person or mail to: Posters and Poems Children’s Contest,  600 Curtis St. Mason, MI. 48854. Or fax to 517 676-8380.  The Deadline for submissions is Monday June 3rd.  2013 at 5:00pm EST  Contest is open to students in Ingham, Eaton and Clinton County

“This contest is important because it’s a great way to engage children and help them express their feelings toward animals. This contest gets the kids’ creative juices flowing”, said Director of Animal Control Jamie McAloon Lampman.   Winning entries will receive a gift certificate for pet products, and a “by-line” in the ICAC  Pet Protector Newsletter. In addition, finalist will be awarded 1st, 2nd  and third place certificates along with a $25 savings bond and the 1st place winners will have their poem and poster permanently displayed on the Honor Wall at the animal shelter with a ceramic wall tile.  All entries will be on display at the 30-Hour Annual  Adopt-A-Fest event at the shelter on June 7th and 8th.

“We look forward to reading their poems and viewing their posters to really see how much of an impact pets have on these children,” said McAloon Lampman. “ It is truly is a great opportunity for kids to creatively express their love of kittens, goats, horses,  hermit crabs, fish, rabbits, dogs and everything in between, while competing for some really great prizes.”

Poems and posters will be judged on their creativity and the overall expression of the benefits and joys animals bring to their lives.

All entries must include name of artist or poet, their  age and grade level, school  attending along with parent contact information i.e. address and phone and or e-mail contact. For more information call 517 676-8376 or email jmcaloon@ingham.org

For the full entry form click HERE.