Neighborhood Licensing and Vaccination

ICAC goes hand in hand with neighborhood associations to help low income pet owners.

The NLP Program works directly with low income pet owners, neighborhood associations, townships and local law enforcement agencies throughout Ingham County.  After the first event was held in February 2007, it was apparent there was a need in these communities for affordable veterinary care (vaccinations), education and low cost spay/neuter. It wasn’t enough to offer low- cost care—we had to find a way to bring that care to the pet owners. The majority of pet owners who were frequently cited for pet nuisance complaints lacked the means to provide proper pet care, (i.e. lack of transportation to veterinarian offices; pet carriers; funds)

“The sheer number of animals far-exceeded what was initially expected.” This program is funded through donations from the shelter’s Animal Care Fund—NO TAX dollars are used for this program.

For more information contact: 517-676-8318, 600 Buhl St. Mason, MI 48854.

Join us for our Vaccination & Licensing Clinics
Next Clinic Date: Wednesday, October 28th 10am-3pm
Location: Ingham County Fairgrounds, Mason
Please enter off Kipp road, and exit on Ash st.
This will be a DOGS ONLY clinic providing FREE rabies vaccines. Dog licenses will be available for purchase at the same time.

Each Vaccination & Licensing Clinic will offer the following:
Free Rabies (Dog/Cat)
$10 Micro-chipping  (Not Avaialble at October Clinic)
$10 Distemper  (Not Avaialble at October Clinic)



2020 Vaccination Clinic Dates & Locations

Previously Scheduled vaccination clinics have been suspended duu to COVID-19 precautions.
New clinic times will be announced for the remainder of the year.