Hi everyone! We adopted Nellie (pink coat).  We have three rescue dogs and they are all the most loving dogs any family could ever ask for. ever ask for. We have been very blessed by Nellie since adopting her last July!

She is a constant joy, always in our laps or vigilant at the window looking for chipmunks and squirrels. True to her breed, she loves to chase after small critters! We built a fence this summer completely around the property just for her so she could run to her heart's content and be safe. She has given the older dogs a lot of new life! Nellie go along perfectly right from the beginning.  We weren't really thinking about getting a third dog at all, but when we saw Nellie's picture in the paper and it said how scared she was (hence the name Nervous Nellie) and that she needed a family that was home with her all the time (we are retired) we jumped right in the car and went to get her! Love at first sight!  There is always room for one more, and always lots of love to go around. I can't thank you enough for taking such good care of her until we came to get her! The entire staff is just awesome and we appreciate so much all you do to advocate for all of your animals. We  tell everyone we know they should adopt shelter dogs, and don't have  enough good things to say about the shelter. Needless to say, Nellie is no longer nervous! She is a very loved member of our family and  brings us joy every day with her cute little antics! Thank you again for being such wonderful advocates for the animals! I only wish we could take more!