Neighborhood Licensing and Vaccination

ICAC goes hand in hand with neighborhood associations to help low income pet owners.

The NLP Program works directly with low income pet owners, neighborhood associations, townships and local law enforcement agencies throughout Ingham County.  After the first event was held in February 2007, it was apparent there was a need in these communities for affordable veterinary care (vaccinations), education and low cost spay/neuter. It wasn’t enough to offer low- cost care—we had to find a way to bring that care to the pet owners. The majority of pet owners who were frequently cited for pet nuisance complaints lacked the means to provide proper pet care, (i.e. lack of transportation to veterinarian offices; pet carriers; funds)

“The sheer number of animals far-exceeded what was initially expected.” This program is funded through donations from the shelter’s Animal Care Fund—NO TAX dollars are used for this program.

For more information contact: 517-676-8318, 600 Buhl St. Mason, MI 48854.

2020 Vaccination Clinic Dates & Locations
All clinics run from 12pm-4pm.

  1. January 3rd  Outreach Center- 826 W Saginaw, Lansing, 48915
  2. February 7th  Oak Park YMCA- 900 Long Blvd, Lansing 48911
  3. March 6th  Crossroads Church- 102 W. Cesar Chavez Ave,  Lansing 48906
  4. April 3rd  Onondaga Town Hall- 4756 Baldwin St, Onondaga 49264
  5. May 1st  Leroy Fire Station (Webberville)- 315 W Walnut St, Webberville 48892
  6. June 5th  South Lansing LPD- 5815 Wise Rd, Lansing, 48911
  7. July 10th  Cristo Rey Community Center- 1717 N High St, Lansing 48906
  8. August 7th  ICACS- Mason- 600 Buhl St, Mason 48854
  9. September 11th  Stockbridge EMS- 1009 S Clinton St, Stockbridge 49285
  10. October 2nd  The People’s Church- 200 W Grand River Ave, East Lansing, 48823
  11. November 6th  Foster Community Center- 200 N Foster, Lansing 48912
  12. December 4th  Gier Community Center - 2400 Hall St, Lansing, 48906

Rabies:  FREE    (puppies must be at least 12 weeks old)

Distemper (cat):   $10

Distemper/Parvo (dog):   $10         (puppies must be 6-8 weeks old)

Microchipping (dog or cat): $10

Ingham County residents only.  Cost for non-county residents is $15 per vaccine.  No food bank or retail sales during the clinics.  Dogs must be on leashes.  Cats must be in a carrier.