Lost and Found


Ingham County now has a Lost & Found Pet mapping system. Please upload your pets information to the Lost & Found Pet Mapping system, and check if there are any matching found animals in your area. You can also upload a picture of a pet you may have found. This does not initiate redemption processing if your petis at the animal shelter. Please be sure to visit the shelter in person to identify your lost pet. The Lost & Found Pet Mapper us a publicly updated system showing pets lost and found, both at the shelter, and in the community.

Click here for lost pets at the shelter that are current shelter residents. The photos for this page are updated every 1-2 business days.                                                                                          

Visiting the shelter is the only way to determine if we have your pet. We welcome you to call every day however mistakes can be made due to discrepancies in description, therefore, you are encouraged to visit the  shelter at least twice a week.

Your Pet is your responsibility.

  • Make sure it is licensed and wearing it's tag.
  • Only you can identify your pet when it is not wearing any identification.
  • Check with local veterinarians or Ingham County Animal Control about obtaining a micro chip for your pet as a backup identification system. All pets that enter the shelter are scanned for micro chips.

 When Your Pet Is Missing

  1. Check the entire house and yard.
  2. Check and alert neighbors/postal carrier to be on the lookout.
  3. Post your pets information at acmap.ingham.org
  4. Patrol neighboring streets.
  5. Contact Animal control and provide the information for a lost report, and visit the shelter at least every other day. Check our Lost Pets
  6. Check the local papers for found animal ads.
  7. Check local Veterinarians for injured strays.
  8. Place a lost ad on social media. (Facebook, Craigslist, Lost and Found Pet Connection, For the Love of Louie)
  9. Place flyers at shelters, vets and local stores.
  10. Don't give up hope too soon, we have been able to return pets after two years. 


If your pet is at the shelter.

  • If your pet is impounded and not wearing a collar it will be held at the shelter in Mason for at least 4 working days.
  • If your pet is micro chipped or has other identification tags it will be held for at least 7 working days.
  • An exception may be made if the animal is sick or injured to the extent that the holding would cause undo suffering or if the animal has an infectious or contagious disease.
  • Animal Control will attempt to contact the owners of animals wearing licenses or other identification by telephone or mail whenever possible.

Redemption Fees:

First time: $25.00

Second time: $51.00       

Third time: $100.00

Fourth Time: $155.00


  • Non-sterilized animals: $81.00 Sterilization deposit for a first time redemption .Fees will increase with subsequent redemption's.
  • A boarding fee of $35.00 per day will be assessed if the pet is not claimed by the next day. If the animal has been assessed to be a dangerous animal, the boarding fee is increased to $77/daily.
  • In addition there is a $10.00 charge for a DHLPP vaccination, and a $19 charge for a bordatella vaccination for a dog or a FRCP vaccination for a cat as these are given to all animals brought into the shelter. This charge will be waived if the owner can show proof that the animal was vaccinated by a veterinarian within the last year.
  • Additional charges may apply if the pet receives additional veterinary care or services while in the care of ICACS. This may include invoices from 3rd party veterinary services if the animal requires additional care beyond the shelters availability to perform on site.
  • All dogs must be rabies vaccinated and licensed. Therefore it will be necessary for you to bring these receipts with you when you come to redeem your dog. If your dog does not have a current rabies or license, ($21 fee or deposit will be charged for the rabies and proper licensing fees). All fees must be paid in cash, credit card (Visa/Mastercard),or money order. Checks are not accepted as a form of payment for Return to Owner fee's.
  • If at the end of the holding period an animal remains unclaimed it becomes county property and may be adopted/rescued or humanly destroyed.