Kitayi Burks

Lansing man pleads no contest to a felony county of animal killing/torture.

KitayiHiramBurksKitayi Burks, 27, pleaded no contest in July, 2011 to a felony count of animal killing and was sentenced to six months in jail. A pit bull was found dead and frozen earlier this year inside a pet carrier starved to death over the course of weeks to months. The body fat content of the pit bull's bone marrow was 0.5 percent. The normal range is about 60 percent.

Judge Canady suspended four months of Burks' sentence. The Lansing resident will serve two months in jail and then 18 months of probation. Burks was also ordered to pay more than $1,900 in fines and costs and said Burks could not own or maintain any animals. Burks was the owner of the dog. If Burks violates probation, he would have to serve another four months in jail.
Burk's has a previous felony conviction for larceny and eight misdemeanors - including convictions involving marijuana and cocaine use.