ICAC Wish List

Wish List For ICAC Top Five Wishes

  • KONG Toys & Cheez Whiz-OOOOHHH what a party that makes! (Red rubber toys can be found in most pets stores) They keep the dogs busy and entertained for hours because they work hard to get the cheez whiz out.

  • Canned Cat Food-always needed for kittens and senior cats and those rehabilitating.

  • Big & small Rawhide chew bones for the dogs.

  • Toys—all kinds! Cats & dogs.  Durable outdoor toys for the dogs are great!  Outdoor tug-toys for the big dogs.

  • Collars & Leashes and harnesses for medium to large dogs

ICAC will care for over 3500 cats and dogs this year. These animals will need comforts to make them
 feel safe and loved. These items all add to their quality of life in one way or another. 
Please consider helping us help animals by donating any of these items.

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