Fidus (Tippy Toes)

Hi, just writing an update on Fidus (Tippy Toes).  We adopted our dear Pumpkin (see below) in April and thought she would like a friend, so we came back to the shelter and found another pup.  Originally they were not going to adopt her, but Ryan (Shelter volunteer) remembered that the people who adopted Pumpkin wanted her.  She passed her temperament training with flying colors and decided that she was very adoptable, so because of Ryan, they called me and we went immediately.  She was so calm, but little did we know that she was sick (kennel cough), so she wasn't really that calm, she was all puppy.  Chewing, running, jumping...but she is our angel and Pumpkin loves her too.  We named her after my dad's old hunting dog, Fidus Achetus (which in Greek, means faithful companion) and she is.  Both the dogs sleep in our bed, thank God it's king size...and she gets along beautifully with our grandson, Santana.  Thank you once again for letting both our dogs become a part of our lives...and thank you Ryan for saving her life!!

Lauri Hernandez