This list includes commonly charges fees. This is not a comprehensive list of animal control fees or services. Checks will not be accepted for redemption fees.

2021 Fee List

Dog Licenses

License Type Fee
1 year Altered $15
1 Year Unaltered $45
1 Year Delinquent Altered $30
1 Year Delinquent Unaltered $90
3 Year Altered $35
3 Year Unaltered $125
3 Year Delinquent Altered $68
3 Year Delinquent Unaltered $240

Adoption Fees
Puppy Adoption (Dogs six months or younger) $140
Dog Adoption (Dogs older than six months) $105
Senior Dog Adoption (Dog older than six years) $49
Cat Adoption (Cats younger than six years) $84
Senior Cat Adoption (Cats older than six years) $45
Senior Citizen Puppy Adoption (Dog < 6mo) $78
Senior Citizen Dog Adoption (Dog > 6mo) $62
Senior Citizen Senior Dog Adoption (Dog > 6years) $40
Senior Citizen Cat Adoption (Cat < 6years) $45
Senior Citizen Senior Cat Adoption (Cat >6 years) $27
"Caturday Saturday" Cat Adoption $25
"Caturday Saturday" Cat Adoption Senior or Long Term Resident Cat FREE
Off Site Cat Adoption $41

Common Animal Redemption Fees
Animal Redemption First Offense $25
Animal Redemption Second Offense $51
Animal Redemption Third Offense $155
Vaccinations (Dogs: Distemper, Bordatella, Rabies)  $50
Officer Impound $46
Field Tranquilization $46
Daily Boarding (Standard) $35
Daily Boarding (Caution Animal) $77

Misc. Animal Shelter Fees and Services
Owner Surrender $46
Euthanasia $135
Rabies Testing $50
Cat Neuter Voucher $30
Cat Spay Voucher $40
Dog Neuter Voucher $55
Dog Spay Voucher $60
Dog Park Pass (Standard) $30
Dog Park Pass (Senior Citizen, Student, Military) $15
Dog ID Tags $5-$8
Microchipping $10-$20
Trap Rental (Deposit) $40
Daily Trap Rental $1