Dog Fighting Ring

Do you know who owns this dog?

The recent discovery of two wounded dogs has Ingham County Animal Control officers on alert. They believe a dog fighting ring is operating in southwest Lansing, in the area bounded by Waverly, Holmes, Pleasant Grove and Miller.

A custodian at Wexford Montessori found a 2-year-old male pit bull tied to a bench behind the school last week.

Animal control officers immediately noticed signs of fighting.

"The dog had been fought multiple times. He had scars in multiple places. He had scars that had been healed in various stages," said Jamie McAloon Lampman, the Ingham County Animal Control director.

Ppeople living less than a mile from Wexford on Sumpter Street found a stray dog with serious wounds. Officers believe it served as a bait dog.

"It's a dog that will help to hone the skills of their fighting dog without their fighting dog getting marked up or hurt. And they're usually dogs that are timid, shy," Lampman said.

Animal Control has picked up a few other dogs that show signs of fighting, a problem that's never gone away.

Investigators hope a $5,000 reward will help find those involved and lead to their arrest and conviction. If you have any information that can help, call (517) 676-8376.

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