Cash1Hi...remember me?...when I left the shelter on Wednesday night, my name was 'Daniel'...but mom and dad renamed me Cash (after Johnny I am the Dog in Black!) I have been such a good boy. I respond well to my commands, I walk nicely on a leash and I get along with everyone. I love my new home. I get to run around on 2 acres out in the country. This morning, I even saw a lot of deer and was fun. Mom was so proud because I didn't even bark once.
Everyone tells me what a good boy I am.

I went to the groomer on Friday morning and they shampooed and conditioned me right up. It felt so good! They even trimmed my nails and cleaned my ears. Pretty soon I will get to meet my new vet to see how much I weigh and to make sure I am all up to date on my shots. I have lots of toys here and I already have a favorite blanket. My 'grandma' bought me a treat jar filled with lots of
goodies! I love to 'sit' and to 'shake' on command so that I can get a treat. They are so yummy.

Well, I have to go to bed now. I just wanted to say that I am doing well and I hope all my friends at the animal shelter are doing well too. I saved a human today!