Brian Cavanaugh Memorial

B cavanaugh
Brian Cavanaugh was a handsome, young attorney with a loving wife, two wonderful, young daughters, two dogs and two cats living the good life.  He was a picture of health, he ate right including his vegetables, he exercised routinely, he did everything right.  Then, in January 2008, at the young age of 39, he had a routine appendectomy done for appendicitis and thought all was well again.  However, 5 days later, he was told by his surgeon that he had cancer of the appendix. Thus began a 39 month battle to survive this deadly attacker.

    Brian's journey took him to 4 different hospitals in 3 states for weeks at a time. Throughout these 39 months, Brian never stopped living or fighting. He made the most of his last three years, enjoying travels with his family, and two memorable summers dubbed the "Summer of Awesome" and the Summer of Awesome II"  with his two girls.

      Brian sadly lost his long battle with appendix cancer on March 24, 2011.  And, as his first birthday without him approached, Brian’s family wanted to remember him and be busy to help get through a very difficult day.  Brian was a movie fanatic and we thought the best way to remember him was to show one of his favorite movies on the big screen and invite his family and friends to help us honor the memory of Brian. The Cavanaugh family decided to ask for donations for the movie showing and the Ingham County Animal Control was chosen because of the whole family's great love of animals.  

     Brian's birthday was October 14, so on Saturday, October 15, 2011, with the generosity of NCG Theater at Eastwood Mall, the movie "Back To The Future" was shown once again on the big screen.  Brian had worked at the Meridian Mall Theaters for 2 1/2 years while he was in Okemos High School and "Back To The Future" was shown for the first time and he absolutely loved it and would watch it every chance he got. There were approximately 100 people in attendance.  Approximately $2300 was collected for Ingham County Animal Control that day.  The effort was a complete success.  Everyone there remembered Brian in a way that meant a lot to him, kept his family busy through a sad day, AND raised a lot of money to help many dogs and cats.
brian flyer