We adopted Auggie in January of this year.  We knew we wanted a rescue dog and when we saw Auggie’s picture on the website, we were immediately drawn to his sweet face and the fact that he only had 3 legs.  He was rescued from an abusive situation - thankfully. After meeting Auggie at his foster home we knew this was the dog we wanted and could love unconditionally.  Since he’s been at our home, he runs around on our 2 acres like a dog with 4 legs, he’s got his own outdoor pen attached to our garage with a doggie door, two indoor doggie beds (livingroom and bedroom), tons of toys, his own kiddie pool for those hot summer days and even has a lifejacket that he wears swimming when we take him up north to our cottage. He loves the water (and snow), riding in our boat and running on the beach.  All the neighbors (humans and other dogs) just love Auggie too.  Many of them stop by several times a week to see if Auggie can come out and play. We enjoy Auggie so much we think we are ready to find a playmate for him. Although it will be hard to find a better dog than Auggie, he’s GREAT and we love having him as a family member.  

Jamie and Linda