Animal Bites

What do I do about an animal bite?

1.  It is very important to have the wound cleaned as soon as possible.
2.  Keep track or know the whereabouts of the biting animal. Obtain owner information if possible.
3.  Report the bite immediately to the County Health Department (517) 887-4308 or Animal Control (517) 676-8370.

Animal Control will take your information  and attempt to quarantine the biting animal. An Animal Bite/Exposure Report Form will be completed.Wild animals will be sent for immediate testing while dogs, cats and ferrets are subject to a 10 day quarantine. The quarantine is intended to limit any more exposures and be an observation period. If the pet survives the 10 day period there is no chance the pet could have transmitted rabies to it's victim. Really vicious pets can be taken from their owners with a court order and owners can be prosecuted and/or sued for having a biting pet. If a biting animal cannot be located you may need to take a series of vaccinations.

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