Andrew Thompson

andrewthompsonSuspended MSU Student Admitted to Killing Greyhound Puppies

Prosecutors say Thompson, who has been suspended from Michigan State University’s osteopathic medicine school, killed at least 12 dogs between September 2010 and June. All were Italian greyhound puppies. Thompson will stand trial in Ingham County Circuit Court on a total of 13 felony counts of animal killing or torture and one misdemeanor count of animal cruelty. Ten of the felony counts surround the alleged killings of dogs at Thompson’s Okemos apartment, which were the basis of the case in 55th District Court. Thompson also is charged in a separate case with killing or torturing three dogs at an East Lansing condominium, where he lived forabout a month last September.

Ingham County Animal Control has received inquiries from around the world regarding the case involving Andrew Thompson who is accused of killing Italian greyhound puppies he purchased over a period of months.  The one surviving puppy that was rescued during the search warrant conducted in his apartment by Ingham County Animal Control Officers has survived and continues to improve and thrive.  Thanks to the urgent and excellent veterinary care provided by a Lansing area veterinarian the puppy is doing very well.  The puppy is currently continuing rehabilitation and under the care of this veterinarian.

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