Adoption Information

groupcatsanddogsThe Ingham County Animal Control Shelter has a variety of animals available for adoption that arrive at the shelter as either owner surrender animals or strays. Many breeds of stray and owner surrendered animals are for sale to the general public. The sale of any county owned animal is at the option of the Animal Control Department.

Ingham County Animal Shelter strives diligently to find homes for all adoptable animals. However, we are sometimes forced to euthanize animals due to a lack of space. During peak seasons (May through August) the number of animals brought to the shelter daily is overwhelming. Thankfully, we have not had to euthanize for space since 2013.

Before a pet is placed into a new home all stray animals shall be held pursuant to law in order to give the original owner a chance to claim their pet.

Owner surrender animals are available for disposition immediately upon successful completion of an examination, medical assessment and temperament testing. Some animals may not be offered for sale after the legal holding period, if in the opinion of the Department, a determination is made that an animal is either too sick, injured, or has vicious tendencies or a condition which may be detrimental to the pet or the human and animal population. These animals may be held and treated or humanely euthanized at the discretion of the Department.

Persons purchasing animals from any animal shelter/facility which have been kenneled in that facility should be aware that these animals may have been exposed to certain diseases either prior to or at the time of confinement. Some animals may appear healthy at the time of adoption, however subsequently show signs of illness and need medical attention. Thus an animal purchased should be checked by your veterinarian within 5 business days to assure timely provision of it's health needs.

dogAndCatbaby_thumbIt is impossible to guarantee the health of any animal. Ingham County Animal Shelter has adopted thousands of animals into new homes where those animals enjoy normal, healthy, happy lives. The staff at the shelter provide vaccinations, de-worming, medical testing and local veterinarians spay/neuter 100% of the animals prior to adoption. The shelter staff members strive to provide the best care possible to the over 3500 animals received annually. We look forward to assisting you in choosing a pet to fit your needs.