2018 Orientations: 

Saturday, 1/6/18 10am
Tuesday 1/16/18 6pm
Saturday 2/3 10am
Tuesday  2/13 6pm
Saturday 3/3 10am
Tuesday 3/13 6pm
Saturday 4/7 10 am
Tuesday 4/17 6pm
Saturday 5/12 10am
Tuesday 5/15 6pm
Saturday 6/9 10am
Tuesday 6/19 6pm
Saturday 7/7 10am
Tuesday 7/17 6pm
Saturday 8/4 10am
Tuesday 8/14 6pm
Saturday 9/9 10am
Tuesday 9/18 6pm
Saturday 10/6 10am
Tuesday 10/16 6pm
Saturday 11/3 10 am
Tuesday 11/13 6pm
Saturday 12/1 10am
Tuesday 12/11 6pm

Meetings generally last 90 minutes. 

New volunteers must be at least 16 years old . Parent or guardian must sign the volunteer application for volunteers under the age of 18.

* Volunteer Orientation does not apply for court ordered community service.
For more information call 517-676-8311 

Volunteer Opportunities

In-Shelter Assistant:
Volunteers have the opportunity to provide well-being for our animals, which includes walking dogs, socializing cats, grooming both cats and dogs, cleaning cages and litter boxes, and making sure all animals have adequate food and water.

Clerical Assistant:
To help improve the success of our animals' chances of adoption your main job will be to provide a positive, informed and friendly first impression to all our visitors and also assist with the initial adoption paperwork.

A main asset to our shelter are volunteers that help us transport our animals to and from vet visits, mobile adoption sites, and help with collecting fundraiser items. ICAC has large vans that can be used after driving records have been established.

School/Organization Educator:
The shelter provides a variety of educational resources to assist the volunteers in presenting information programs about Ingham County Animal Shelter and responsible pet ownership for schools and community organizations.

Mobile Events/Special Events Volunteer:
We will need volunteers to help with our mobile adoptions. This will include greeters, animal handlers, transporters and fosters.

For more information please attend a volunteer meeting or contact the volunteer coordinator at 517-676-8311.