Dog Licenses are required by law, for all dogs over five months of age.

Reasons for Licensing:

    • Excellent identification.  It's your ticket back home.  It allows us to notify you when your lost pet is found.
    • It ensures your dog is rabies vaccinated.
    • Provides proof that the dog legally belongs to you.
    • *It's the LAW.

A current rabies vaccinationcertificate, signed by a veterinarian, is required to purchase a license.  If you wish to purchase a three year license, a three year rabies vaccination certificate is needed.  Licenses for sterilized dogs are less expense than unsterilized dogs.  A Veterinarian's Certificate of Sterilization or a sworn affidavit is required for the sterilized price.  A license cannot extend more than 30 days past the expiration of the rabies vaccination.  There are no pro-rated three year licenses or refund for any unused portion.

Dog licenses can be purchased at the following locations:  

1.  Ingham County Treasurer Office, Second floor, County Courthouse, Mason.

2.  Veteran's Building, First floor, 313 W. Kalamazoo, Lansing  

3.  Ingham County Animal Control, 600 Curtis Street, Mason.

  Licensing Fees - Effective January 1st, 2015



             Ingham County Only                       Non-delinquent Delinquent

 Non-sterilized dogs



Sterilized dogs

 $14.00  $46.00 

Certified guide or leader dog for

a blind person, a hearing dog for

a deaf or audibly impaired person,

or a service dog for a physically

 limited person.
 $0.00  $0.00
 3 Year Non-sterilized    $155.00  $240.00
 3 Year Sterilized    $34.00  $68.00
 Kennel License 10 dogs or fewer  $150.00  
 Kennel License over 10 dogs  $175.00  


Licenses expire at the end of the month in which the rabies vaccination was given. Check your license to

determine the expiration year.  The Ingham County Treasurer will mail renewal license application to Ingham County residents 30-45 days prior to license expiration.

Lost license tag can be replaced at the Ingham County Treasurer's office.  Please bring your original license and a sworn statement that the license tag is lost.

    Licenses can also be purchased at the following locations:

    Bennett Road Animal Clinic

    2298 Bennett Road

    Okemos - 349-2277


    All Ingham County


    Caring Animal Hospital

    2162 N Aurelius Road

    Holt - 694-6766

    Clients ONLY 

    Cedar Creek Vet Clinic

    2295 N. Williamston Rd

    Williamston - 655-4906

    Clients ONLY 

    Eastside Animal Hospital

    2643 E. Grand River Ave.

    East Lansing  332-2511

    Clients ONLY

    Haslett Animal Hospital

    5686 Marsh Road

    Haslett, MI 48840


    Clients ONLY

    Holt Veterinary Clinic

    1836 Cedar Street

    Holt - 694-9510

    All Ingham County


    Lansing Vet Urgent Care 

    3276 E Jolly Road


    Clients ONLY

    Mt. Hope Veterinary Hosp.

    2835 E. Mt. Hope Road

    Lansing - 487-0133

    All Ingham County


    Pennsylvania Veterinary Care

    5438 Pennsylvania Ave.

    Lansing - 393-8010

    Clients ONLY

    Red Cedar Animal Hospital

    2245 E. Mt. Hope

    Okemos - 347-0711

    Clients ONLY

    Willoughby Pet Clinic

    4685 Willoughby Rd

    Holt, - 694-2171

    Clients ONLY

    Webberville Animal Clinic

    127 N. Main St.

    Webberville - 521-4207

    All Ingham County


    Lake Lansing

    Animal Hospital

    1615 Lake Lansing Road

    Lansing, MI 48912

    (517) 484-8031

    Clients ONLY
    You can view and

    print your application

    form here: